For the first time ever, an International Pairs competition will be played indoor! International Pairs Sweden has offered their golfers a new and exciting way to play and compete. Golfers will be able to tee it up in an indoor golf simulation, playing a full golf course virtually while still being able to hit actual golf balls with their own golf clubs.

International Pairs in Sweden has started a partnership with the Indoor Golf Company named “RUFF”. Indoor golf simulators seem to be taking the golf world by storm and the first International Pairs indoor qualifying event is coming to Sweden soon! A great way to combat the adverse weather in some countries and offering golfers a all-year round golf tournament.

Jörgen Kirchhoff, the International Pairs licensee in Sweden and Denmark says:

“We are looking very much forward to this co-operation, as it is a brand new concept in Sweden, competing on indoor simulators, we can’t be sure how many golfers will be leaping at the opportunity, but we like to think outside the box when the winter months hit. We want to offer golfers an alternative way to play golf in during these times while keeping the International Pairs spirit.”

There are many possibilities. Indoor golf forces us to think differently. The season is different. The golfers are also different! Giving more players an opportunity to experience the International `Pairs is the main goal.

” The first indoor golf event has been setup and scheduled for this year already, which is so cool”, Jörgen says.

International Pairs in Sweden has invited all 35 Golf Clubs that hosts a qualifying event during the summer to enter one pair and participate in the International Pairs Sweden indoor golf simulator experience.

This competition will be the world’s first International Pairs indoor qualifying competition, and on top of that it is played the day before the Country final!

Barsebäck – International Pairs Sweden National Final Venue

This has been setup in a way where the winning pair can celebrate the win by going directly to Barsebäck Golf Resort where the National Final will be played the next morning – the winning pair will be able to enjoy a good nights sleep and a great breakfast before they play for a spot at the World Finals in Spain.

Jörgen is clearly excited about this added unique tournament and gives the golfers a quick last tip:

“ The Indoor competition will of course be played on the same golf course indoor as the final are played outdoor, best of luck and we’ll see you on the day” 😊

We wish Jorgen all the best with the exciting and new endeavours and are sure to see a very strong team pull through to the 2022 International Pairs World Final.